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It turns out that I have an incurable affliction to all things bike. I have been to see a Clinical Psychologist about my bike problem and he said I should buy a new groupset. I expected this kind of prescription as he is also an avid bike fan as well! So I guess it looks like I am adicted for life.

It all started when I was 10 and all my mates had BMX's and I had a 20" wheel racer. So i put mx bars on it and changed the brakes. hey presto a kind of hybrid. after that all things in my life were bike building.

Since then I have raced on and off since 1988, including early MTB racing through to the Mega Avalanche last year. I have also owned an made an huge range of bikes over the years. Thats when it dawned on me that I should really be making the lot, from the frame up. So this is where it all starts.


In Design
Retro MTB – “Aston

In Build
Chaz Roberts – 1989 white spider

Alan Bond style Klunker- 1950 Schwinn DX
Oveburys Pioneer 1987

Current project: - Retro fillet brazed mtb

Pete levy frame full susser
replicat roberts pete levy frame
pete levy aston frame overbury replica
Aston custom frame diagram

 OMS- Aston frame

The "Aston" is named after where I used to ride back in the 1980's, Aston hill, wendover area. So I though what bike would I have had back in the day. 1" Head tube, rigid fork, seat stay u-brake, lugged bottom bracket and fillet brazed. Its just hard designing to a bottom bracket with fixed angles.

alan bond Klunker replica pete levy

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