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Big fillet, little fillet.

Posted by peter levy on Monday, December 13, 2010,
Right jig is best way there. So it time for some extra join practice. I like to use real tubing as the thickness effect how fast you have to work and how much you have to back the tourch off. Two mains styles i am working.

1. Traditional Big filet.
So basically it's a traditional capillary braze at first. I use a SIF 101 rod, with a neutral flame. Get the whole area up to tem and introduct the brazing rod, makeing sure it flows all the way around the join and is draw inside. Back the flame off ...
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Jiggy part 3 - fittings

Posted by peter levy on Monday, December 6, 2010,
Now I have a frame I need some fittings. I have gone with 8mm steal. running 6 mm bolts for the plates then the following fittings.

Rear axel:

This is a 12mmx135mm mtb steel axel with soem CNC runners for mounts. Mig welded on 25mm box, Mounted on the steal plates.

Bottom Bracket:

This is a marine grade M25 bolt mounted directly onto the plate then tack welded on. The fittling are some tubes and washers and a nut with some limbs tacked on. This will do until i get some machined fittings.

Headset a...
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Jiggy part 2

Posted by peter levy on Friday, December 3, 2010,
I laid out and tacked the 50mm box section. all good. hoever my MIG welder did not give good penitration on one pass. so some of the out side welds needed 3 passes.

It all came out square and flat which is good. on to the rest of the build.

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