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Getting jiggy with it.

Posted by peter levy on Friday, November 19, 2010,
I have finally got round to designing and orderign the parts from my Jig. I have gone for the Rouke Cycles window frame jig.

So that basically a big 50mm box section frame with sliding plats with the attachements to hold the frame.

I have gone for stainless steel cones to hold the head tube and seat tube. 12mm rod machines to hold the rear axle and a m20 bolt and spacers fro the Bottom bracket. Pics to follow.

Some major fettling needed to get thsi 100% squared away.

Pics to follow.

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Kick off!!

Posted by peter levy on Monday, November 15, 2010,
Right it time to start letting you guys know what i have been up to. I knwo some of you were concerned that my welding skills were not up to scrach after 21 years and no formal training. Errr that would be right. So i have put myself on a Welding and Brazing course to hone my skills.

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