Breezer 1976 mk1 replica.

Columbus Gara chromo tubing. Campagnolo modified dropouts. Everything else is hand made. took months. Joe Breeze himself has seen it and approves. phew. :¬)

More pic here
retro frame vintage
Roberts replica Peugeot 88 race frame.
Reynolds, 753, columbus nivachrom tubing, fillet brazed.

Full Susser

Thsi was goign to be my all mountain rig. Columbus  and Reynolds Front triangle with Carbon suports and an alloy rear end. Home designed CNC linkage pushing the shock from base of the frame.

Ruide weel veryy happy with the set up the rear end is very linear with lots of grip.

Roberts Peugeot Replica rebuild 1990

Thsi was a broken roberts frmae i got, rebuidl the front triangle then sprayed it as the peugeot 1990 biek that Tim Gould rode.

Full Campag set up nice bike. Now owned by a happy custoemr on Retro Bike.

Tim Gould Replica Roberts 1990

Aston Green hill (1987 seudo build)

Spec as follows:

Columbus slx/theron frame with fillets brazing. 71 head 72 seat angle.Red and black enamel and gold lug lining.
Forks are Pacenti MTB crown and 531 blades
Mavic Headset
Nitto stem
Hand made 4130 bars
Ritchey grips
Deore Leavers
Deore Shifter
Deore BB/ Crank
Deore hubs
Deore Mechs
Aray Rims
Turbo Saddle

The Kluner DX 

I wanted to make a hybrid clunker like Alan bonds:

Spec as follows:

1950'S Schwinn DX frame, enamel paint, Lasante badge
Cooks Brothers cruiser forks from BMX museum
Nikko NOS headset
Ashtabula stem
Renthal bars
Ritchey foam grips NOS
Dia- compe levers
Suntour shifters
Suntour 7 mech (1") NOS
Suntour vx cyclone mech
Suntour 5speed block NOS
Mafac cantis with ritchey pads
DMR bb converter NEW
Shimano bb NEW
TA cranks
Brooks saddle
Harris seat post NOS with tubing brazed inside for strenght
Shimano large flange hubs NOS
DT spokes
Weinmann rims NOS
DMR digger tyres
Jagwire cables
Oddissy pedals NOS

More info on retro bike:

BIGLEV, Klunker DX bik, alan bond

                 Big photo

overbury pioneer
1987 overburys pioneer

Overbury's Pioneer 1987

This found its way to me in a very sorry but original state. Seat post and Bottom bracket were ceased. and required some work to get out. It was also missing some canti bosses. So I  bead blasted brazed on the right parts. rust proofed primed, enamelled and build with a full Campag groupeset. lovely.

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