Oxy/ Act kit:

C S Milne Regs, Two stage, low pressure oxy:
Oxy 0-2bar
Acetylene 0-1.5
bar £55
Great value and the oxygen is low pressure so you can very accuratly see you O2 level when settign up.

BOC Flash back arrestors, Hose from these guys:

Brazing torch Gas Arc, pricey, Billet alloy, light weight and proper class!

Cylinders and gas from local supplier, will probably cost about £200 a year.

Set up

I have gone for a ground granite bentch for measuring. Basically because steel was 100x more expensive and no one would ship to Guernsey.

Most of my work, I dont use a jig especially for main tubes. I would align on the flat table on blocks then tack. Move to a park clamp to finish the join. But i do need a jig for the rear end.


For  more Gear such as hole saw see www.bunkerbikes.com


I just got a used electric dynafile. Awesome for filling fillets but dont let it touch the tubing as these chew through metal rapidly!

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