Might call the full susser bike, DRIFT but make it Palindromic os it reads the same both ways. Nearly works

Drift bike logo july 2012

Aston decals.

I have been working on the frame but forgot about the paint and decals. I think i will probably go with either Red or all white for the paitn. Decals wise I though
some mock Marin font woudl eb good with a gold back drop.

Project "Aston" 

Status:- Pre build

The "Aston" is named after where I used to ride back in the 1980's, Aston hill, wendover area. So I though what bike would I have had back in the day. 1" Head tube, rigid fork, seat stay u-brake, lugged bottom bracket and fillet brazed. Its just hard designing to a bottom bracket with fixed angles.

So since it was going to be pretty accurate I opted for a CAD desing package called Rattle Cad built but a guy called

As you can see even at this size its pretty good, I had it printed on gloss paper at full size for use on the measuring table

Lug wise it was prety simple I went for some Ritchey drop outs and a standard MTB BB for a rigid bike. Next up was tube selection. I had some Columbus nivachrome head tube and some columbus theron chain stays and SLX seat stays, and Top tube so all I needed was some seat tube and DT. I went to Ceeway to get those and some of the small parts such as canti bosses etc.

Cutting wise I normally hand file everyhting but I am gettign lazy so I got a tube notcher from Stakesys good value and seems to work fine. you have to go real slow when using tubing thinner than 1mm and low angle are also not great. But hey combined with a hand file you can get prefect results.

more to follow:

this is now in build

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